Presuppositionalism and Frame’s Epistemology

P&R Publishing have kindly granted me permission to make available on my website the essay I contributed to the festschrift in honor of John Frame: “Presuppositionalism and Frame’s Epistemology,” in Speaking the Truth in Love: The Theology of John M. Frame, ed. John J. Hughes (P&R, 2009), 431-459.

The essay didn’t turn out quite the way I’d hoped — you know how ideas always seem better in your head before they make it onto paper — but after looking over it again I’ve concluded it’s not as bad as I thought when I submitted it! It’s basically a defense of Frame’s epistemology and presuppositionalism, with some concrete apologetic application.

Anyway, the festschrift is packed full of insightful and stimulating material, both from Dr. Frame and from the other 36 (count ’em) contributors. If you don’t have a copy, get one. P&R Publishing have generously offered a 50% discount (yes, really) on the price of the book for any readers of this blog who order before March 31, either via their website or by telephone (1-800-631-0094), and use the discount code ANATH. (If you post this info elsewhere, please link back to here.)

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  6. If any of James’ overseas friends are thinking of taking up this offer, I have discovered [afterwards, of course] that you could get it about $10 cheaper from Book Depository, due to the prohibitive P and R shipping charges. They are charging me more than the book discounted price for the shipping.

    Book Depository factors shipping into their prices, which are often much better than Amazon and other online bookstores.

    Hope it’s OK to say this, James. I guess you’ll let me know quick smart if it’s not!

    See for a great price on what looks to be a great book.

  7. What a great book, James! Thanks for telling us about it. Mine arrived yesterday.
    Looks intriguing.

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