Why Campus Ministry Is So Challenging

Christian evangelistic ministry on college and university campuses is incredibly important, but also extremely challenging. Why is that? Is it because college students are typically smarter and better educated than the average person, so that campus ministers have be equipped to deal with serious intellectual objections to the Christian faith?

Generally, no. It’s challenging mainly because too many college students have had their God-given minds so warped by relativism and postmodern anti-realism (the view that ‘reality’ is defined by how we choose to think and speak about the world) that they will cheerfully deny what’s plainly obvious for the sake of political correctness.

Further evidence of the problem appeared in my Twitter feed this morning:

I’d love to think this is a spoof, but it isn’t. (Sadly, despite what the students in the video suggest, I can’t make something true merely by wishing or thinking that it’s true!) Behold the rotten fruit of the sexual revolution and its repudiation of a biblical worldview.

4 thoughts on “Why Campus Ministry Is So Challenging”

  1. What about the professors of these students? Oh the pain of telling those who identify as ‘A’ students that they are only ‘B’ students. It’s a cruel world. :)

  2. The ministry I lead here at GA State (Ratio Christi) actually thrives on encountering those with such perspectives, since we deal solely with apologetics. You’d think that such a focused ministry would have difficulty finding interested members, but I think our weekly turnouts would really surprise people. As for other campus ministries that are more focused on discipleship…oh yes, this is a big challenge for them. But we usually tell those other campus ministries, “hey guys, when you get those people holding to relativism or whatever, just send them our way. We’d love to have them join our meetings.”

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