Analytic Theology: New Essays in the Philosophy of Religion

Ars Disputandi has just published my review of Analytic Theology: New Essays in the Philosophy of Religion, edited by Oliver Crisp and Michael Rea.

Apologies to Randal Rauser, whose first name I managed to misspell. (It was an ‘L’ of a mistake to make!) I’m told the error will be corrected the next time the AD site is updated.

5 thoughts on “Analytic Theology: New Essays in the Philosophy of Religion”

  1. David J Houston

    The point you bring up concerning the philosopher’s attitude to the theologians is bang on. The sad thing is that it cuts both ways with the theologians being rather suspicious of the new guys. This suspicion is often due to the other concern that you brought up: the philosopher’s unwillingness to handle the Scriptures. It’s too bad because I think that ‘analytic theology’ is simply a new name for the old practice of using the best philosophical insights of the time to think through matters of faith. Maybe people wouldn’t be as worried if we called ‘New Scholasticism’ or something…

    PS: I Spotted a typo in an otherwise well written piece. :)

    “Of course, such virtues almost never coincide in any one individual, but that’s precisely the point: analytic theologians and non-analytic theologians need each another.”

    1. Thanks for the comments, David. I agree, although I’d prefer to say that AT is the “latest incarnation” of the old practice, rather than the “new name”. Part of the definition of AT is its appropriation of the style and methodology of analytic philosophy, and the latter is a relatively recent arrival.

      Thanks too for pointing out the typo. I’ll see if that can be fixed too. The benefits of electronic publication!

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