On the Origin of Heresies

In case you need further evidence that doctrinaire Darwinism is poison to biblical Christianity, just visit the Evolutionary Christianity website and scroll through the list of speakers. (Click on the images for short bios.)

Here’s hoping that survival of the fittest operates at the theological level!

5 thoughts on “On the Origin of Heresies”

  1. David McKay

    Here’s something that strikes me about the theistic evolutionary approach: You present a new Christian with a Bible, and your disciple opens up to the very beginning of it and you remark “I wouldn’t take the opening chapters too seriously, in view of our advanced scientific knowledge.”

    Why then should they take the rest seriously?

  2. G. Kyle Essary

    Isn’t it scary that the evolutionary biologists and other scientists in the speaking list are actually theologically conservative than any of the “theologians?” They might end up being the ones saying, “Ummm…I think we’re going too far here.”

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