The Reformed Objection to Natural Theology

The latest issue of Themelios has just been published online. It includes my review of Michael Sudduth’s book The Reformed Objection to Natural Theology. Short version: I like it a lot.

6 Responses to The Reformed Objection to Natural Theology

  1. Hey, how’d you get it to be so succinct?! Does RTS have a “How to write pithy book reviews” course I could take from you? :-)

    • Unlike Triablogue, Themelios imposes a word limit on its reviewers. ;) I can assure you that the first draft was far from succinct!

  2. I don’t think you’d want to see *my* first draft, then. It sounds like I need to take an editing class from you. :-)

  3. Dr.Anderson, a little bit off topic:

    Are you at all familiar with The Myth of Religious Neutrality by Roy Clouser?

    I’d sure be interested in your view of his ideas.
    Various of his other writings are here:

    • I have a copy of Clouser’s book and I’ve read parts of it, but I really need to make time to read it right through. It seems to be a very good treatment of the topic. But I couldn’t give a well-informed evaluation at this point.

      Thanks for the link! I didn’t know his writings were online.

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