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  1. jamesalangibson@gmail.com
    20 April 2014

    I’ve read Feinberg. I wouldn’t give it the highest recommendation possible, but I think for someone who wants a Reformed perspective (note the indefinite article), Feinberg is not a bad start. He does a decent job presenting a variety of views and giving them some engagement. It is not the most philosophically deep book on evil and someone of his criticisms of views are superficial. But he does a decent (i.e., not great, but not bad) job at least presenting positions and engaging with them. So I think I could warmly (but not strongly) recommend this as a starting look by a Calvinist about the problem(s) of evil. One good thing about Feinberg, by the way, is that he will make clear that there isn’t a single problem of evil, but many different problems.

    • James
      20 April 2014

      Thanks, James. That’s helpful.

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