2 thoughts on “Thinking Biblically About Transgenderism”

  1. Dear Dr. Anderson,

    Dr. Kruger summarizes your 7th thesis as follows:

    “7. Since the biblical view is that there are only two sexes, male and female, and biological sex is the primary indicator of ontological sex, any treatment for gender dysphoria should proceed on the assumption that a person’s biological sex (rather than their gender identity) defines whether they are truly male or female.”

    Here you assert two distinct propositions as “the biblical view”:

    a) “there are only two sexes, male and female”
    b) “biological sex is the primary indicator of ontological sex”

    What support do you have for regarding b) as “biblical”? Especially when biological sex doesn’t align with one’s gender identity (for lack of a better phrase).

  2. Hi Bálint,

    The support is the fairly obvious fact that consistently throughout the Bible, people are identified as male and female on the basis of their physiology. (If you know of any exception, I’d love to hear of it!) Needless to say, this was not merely the biblical view but the universal common-sense view until very recently in human history.

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