iSchadenfreude n. 1. pleasure experienced on hearing that the latest expensive fashion accessory for devotees of the Cult of Apple has an unintended feature that allows it to function as an occasional communication device. 2. pleasure experienced on hearing the High Priest of the Cult of Apple announce the feature to the aforementioned devotees.

1 thought on “iSchadenfreude”

  1. This is a naughty one, James.
    Receiving an Apple iPhone 3GS tomorrow!

    BTW, in Australia, the minimum price is $49 AUD per month, and for this you get $400 of “free” phone calls and texting, except that they bung the price of each of these up beyond what you would have paid otherwise.

    And you get a mighty 200 mb downloads for a whole month.

    I understand in the US for $30 per month you get a similar amount of calls and texts [don’t know if they also bung up the price of these] but I understand that you have UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS at this price!

    So, you could use your Logos stuff on your iPhone, but us Aussies couldn’t because you’d have to use the internet to access your stuff.

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