Christus Victor

Bell: Love Wins

Bible: Christ Wins

3 Responses to Christus Victor

  1. That pretty much covers it.

  2. Bell gets an F in theology….but an A+ in the successful marketing of the book — drop a few deliberately controversial and somewhat cryptic zingers, let the evangelical blogosphere run gang-busters with it, and watch your book sales soar to #11 on Amazon before it has even released!

    There is certainly a way to answer the fool (Prov. 26:5), but I wonder at times if the blogosphere doesn’t actually fall victim to the fool’s own turf (Prov. 26:4).

  3. Don’t mean to be overly simplistic here, but I’m always amazed that asking questions is more valued than finding answers and ambiguity is prized over perspicuity. So very typical of pomo authors like Bell. A little creative hermeneutical gymnastics and off to the publishers we go!