Unintended Irony of the Week

Observed today, on the cover of a gossip magazine displayed at every single checkout in the supermarket, in large yellow letters:


If you’re asking “Kate who?” … consider yourself fortunate.

One Response to Unintended Irony of the Week

  1. I’m asking “Kate who?” so I’m fortunate.
    When at a check out stand, I occasionally seize an opportunity to comment to the checker or other persons in line asking “Why don’t they have Plato’s Apology or Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics here? Surely that is more interesting than this content! So far, no one’s followed up with an answer but I do get a lot of wrinkled foreheads and blank stares!

    Incidently, just found your blog through your site and am a fan of Paul Helm, who recently commented on your latest book. Time to go to Amazon and order it!