Bible Refalizer

Bible Refalizer

Current Version: 0.1.12

The Bible Refalizer is an extension for the Firefox web browser that automatically searches for Bible references within web pages and adds hyperlinks from those references to an online Bible, so that you can just click on the references to bring up the text of those verses. In short, the extension makes it a whole lot easier to look up the Bible references in an online article (thus removing any excuses for not bothering to look them up!).

Without Refalizer With Refalizer
Without Refalizer With Refalizer

Here's how to get started with the Bible Refalizer:

  1. Install the Firefox web browser (if you haven't already done so).
  2. Install the Bible Refalizer extension from one of these sites: (Note: You may have to restart Firefox after installation.)

That's it! You're good to go.

The status of the Bible Refalizer is indicated via the icon in the status bar of your browser. Left-click on the icon to enable or disable. Right-click on the icon to change the options.

Bible Refalizer Options

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