Hebrew OT and Greek NT on the Kindle

I bought a Kindle Keyboard 3G last year, and at first I didn’t like it one bit. My wife, on the other hand, quickly took to it; she was thrilled to discover how many classic works of literature are available for free or $0.99. After that I could barely prise it out of her hands. On a whim, while on vacation, I decided to buy a copy of Mark Steyn’s After America and a subscription to The Spectator (UK edition, of course). Steyn’s side-splitting jeremiad is a riveting read, and the Kindle subscription to The Spectator (delivered instantly on the day of publication each week) is a fraction of the price of an overseas subscription. Together they cured me of Kindle-phobia. In fact, I’d find it hard to live without it now. (I had to buy a second one for my wife.)

William Tyndale shows off his Kindle

Recently it occurred to me how useful it would be to have the Hebrew OT and Greek NT on my Kindle. (For an English translation I already have the free ESV for Kindle — thanks, Crossway!) I did some hunting and found the following, which I thought I’d pass on for interested readers: